Mantaray Projects A solution to manage and plan projects and its relevant information.

Mantaray projects is a project management tool designed to ensure qualitative and timely driver activities assigned to your resources.


  • Project and Sub-Projects
  • Task Planning
  • Timesheets
  • Customer Service Requests
  • Release Management
  • Sales Invoice Generation
  • Document Management
  • Specific Dashboards

Mantaray projects can be integrated with other components from the Mantaray range like CRM and ERP.



  • Manage projects and sub-projects.
  • Project history functions.


  • Manage and schedule project related tasks.
  • Schedule and assign tasks to resources and teams.

Customer Service Requests (CSR)

  • Manage CSR’s.
  • Assign and plan CSR’s.

Release Management

  • Manage and schedule releases.
  • Create and publish release notes.


  • Manage resources and teams.
  • Resource profile functions.
  • Availability calendar.
  • Track resources to match selected profiles.

Time Reporting

  • Daily detailed timesheets.
  • Periodical timesheets.
  • Invoice generation from timesheets.
  • Include expenses or used materials on timesheets.
  • Generate timesheets templates from appointments.