Mantaray Law Firms A dedicated practice management solution for Law Firms.

Mantaray for Law Firms is an operational tool and case management solution to help Law Firms manage their practice.


  • Restrict or deny access to operational and financial information, including Law Firm KnowHow
  • Client and Matter Management and Administration
  • Compliance Management
  • Administration Task Management
  • Business Opportunity Management
  • Simplified Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Automatic Invoicing
  • Binder Management
  • Specific Widgets and Dashboards

Mantaray Law Firms can be integrated with other components from the Mantaray range like CRM and knowledge base.


Business Opportunities

  • Trace commercial activities using business opportunities.
  • Advanced win & loss statistics.


  • Trace required paperwork, including onboarding and ongoing compliance, e.g. KYC.
  • Generate automatic reminders.

Company Profiles

  • Manage contact persons and companies.
  • Manage relations between contacts and companies.
  • Link notes, appointments, tasks, e-mails, phone calls, binders, documents and MSOffice files to contacts and companies.
  • Automatic user notifications.

Document Editor

  • Define document templates.
  • Automatically prepopulate certain client specific information into documents.
  • Launch reminders in order to meet deadlines.

Case Management

  • Assign and manage resources and teams.
  • Define and trace activities relating to client services.
  • Perform budget planning and costing.
  • Preset invoicing settings (flat fee, time spent, etc).

Project Management

  • Define and trace internal project activities.
  • Manage resources and teams.

Task and Workflow Management

  • Visualize tasks through standard or custom made workflows.
  • Real time tasking.
  • Manage personal and shared tasks.
  • Assign tasks to resources and backups.
  • Task oversight dashboards including statistics.

Time Management

  • Record activities using timesheets.
  • Start / Stop task timers.


  • Generate invoices from timesheets.
  • Generated invoices from flat fees.

Document Management

  • Scan and import documents, manually and automatically.
  • Automatic documents analysis and indexing of information making data searchable.
  • Link scanned documents to cases, matters, binders, contacts or projects.