Mantaray Insurances An integrated and modular solution for the management of your business.

Mantaray Insurances is an enhancement to Mantaray CRM used to manage insurance policy contracts, damage cases and publish the results and performance reports to its brokers and clients


  • Insurance Policy Management
  • Damage Case Management
  • Insured Object Management
  • Broker Commission Calculation
  • Customer Follow-Up
  • Binder Management
  • Document Publishing
  • Specific Dashboards
  • Optional Data Mining Intelligent Agent

Mantaray Insurances can be integrated with other components from the Mantaray range like CRM and knowledge base.


Insurance Policies

  • Manage insurance policy contracts.
  • Policy history functions.

Insurance Damages

  • Manage insurance damage cases.
  • Damage history functions.

Insured Object

  • Manage insured object.
  • Object history functions.


  • Manage brokers and related informations.
  • Calculate broker commissions and retrocessions.
  • Create periodic broker reporting.


  • Classify policies, damage cases and objects into binders.
  • Export binder contents to EvernoteTM and DropboxTM.


  • Publish performance reports to the web.
  • Publish various PDF reports.