Mantaray CRM A complete solution: secure, automated and efficient to manage your contacts.

Mantaray CRM for small and mid-sized companies will allow you to create and manage your contacts in an optimal way. Manage and link precious information like binders, invoices, appointments, sales and purchase records, e-mails, spreadsheets, documents and lots of other information to your contacts. Relations between contacts are created automatically or manually.


  • Contact Relation Management
  • Calendar
  • Task Management
  • Integrated E-mails
  • Receptionist Functions
  • Binder Management
  • Document Management
  • Meeting Notes
  • Newsletters
  • Knowledge Base

Mantaray CRM can be integrated with other components from the Mantaray range like Project Management, ERP and Manufacturing.



  • Manage contact persons and companies.
  • Manage relations between contacts and companies.
  • Link notes, appointments, tasks, e-mails, phone calls, binders, documents and MS Office files to contacts and companies.
  • Automatic user notifications.


  • Manage appointments.
  • Generate timesheets templates from appointments.
  • Automatic user notifications.

Tasks & Timesheets

  • Manage personal and shared tasks.
  • Manage timesheets.
  • Generate invoices from timesheets.
  • Policy


  • POP3, SMTP and IMAP e-mails support.
  • Inter-company and intra-company mail transfers.
  • Automatic recognition and binder / project linking.
  • Advanced Anti-SPAM functionalities.
  • Automatic reply and forwarding.
  • Automatic user notifications.

Receptionist Functions

  • Incoming and outgoing phone calls registrations.
  • “Guest is in the house” registrations and notifications.


  • Manage binders and sub-binders.
  • Link notes, appointments, tasks, e-mails, phone calls, binders, scanned documents and MSOffice files to binders.

Document Management

  • TWAIN Scanner interface.
  • Automatic document content analysis.
  • Link scanned documents to binders, contacts and projects.

Knowledge Base

  • Hypertext search engine.
  • Search through scanned documents, notes, contacts, e-mails, items.

Outlook Integration

  • Outlook dynamic synchronization.
  • Synchronize contacts, tasks, calendar and notes.